FAQ – Frequently asked questions

1.) What is the Grail Message?

“Grail Message” is the sub-title of the book “In the Light of Truth”, a collection of lectures in three volumes, in which questions of life are conclusively answered and the structure of Creation is conveyed in a clear and intelligible manner.

The author of the work is Abd-ru-shin (Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, 1875-1941). Irrespective of belief and religious denomination, the Grail Message addresses the individual and offers him a path to the recognition of God, the world and himself.


2.) What is the Holy Grail?

Its actual existence is confirmed and explained by Abd-ru-shin in the Grail Message.

In order to grasp these explanations, we need to bear in mind that what we see around us here is but a coarse image of everything which lies higher, which takes on ever more glorious, more noble and luminous forms the nearer it is permitted to be to the region of the Divine.

The Holy Grail is a Chalice, existing in the highest plane of Creation, at the border to the Divine, and far above the plane of origin of the human spirit. It forms the only connection between God and Creation. The Grail is the power-transmission point for the life-power emanating from the Divine.

See under Hours of Worship and Grail Festivals for further information.


3.) What is the significance of the name Abd-ru-shin?

The Grail Message was written by Oskar Ernst Bernhardt under the name Abd-ru-shin.

This name is composed of Persian-Arabic elements with the meaning of “Servant of the Light” or “Son of the Light”. It was chosen in reference to a former earth-life and was henceforth to be inseparably linked with his Work.


4.) How did Abd-ru-shin acquire his knowledge?

He answered this question:

What I state in my lectures I speak with conviction from out of myself. And if similarities are to be found in various religions, then I certainly have not derived them from these. However, I am glad when the same or similar things are noted in them. –

For all these reasons I always demand that a person should examine the words, but pay no attention to the speaker!”


5.) Can someone take part in an Hour of Worship even if he is not a reader of the Grail Message?

Yes, certainly. If you want to take part in an Hour of Worship in a Grail Circle, you are very welcome. Please contact the Grail Movement in your country.


6.) What is the “Sealing” and what does the term “Crossbearer” mean?

After recognising the Truth in the Grail Message and acknowledging the Creator, upon expressing the request the New Covenant with God is completed through the Sealing during a Grail Festival.

As an outwardly visible sign, the supplicant receives the Grail Cross. This personal decision of the individual commits him neither to the Grail Movement nor to any other Sealed persons, who within the Grail Movement are also called Crossbearers.


7.) How is the Grail Movement financed?

The Grail Movement is financed by donations freely made.