The Funeral in accordance with the Grail Message

“The process of dying, in itself, is nothing but birth into the Ethereal World, similar to the process of birth into the Gross Material World.” – Abd-ru-shin

Earthly death is the crossing of the threshold to the beyond, the ethereal world, for when we depart this life it does not end. Everything that happens at a Funeral in accordance with the Grail Message is adjusted to this one aim: to make it easier for the departed to sever himself from the earthly and to help him in his transition to the beyond.

To that end the soul of the deceased receives a blessing to strengthen it in its firm volition to ascend. Intercessory wishes thereby accompany it. The Funeral is indeed an earthly leave-taking; however, it is not a lamentation or mournful ceremony in the traditional sense.

For further questions concerning the Funeral in accordance with the Grail Message, please address them to the contact-point in your country.